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MOC 40442 MOC Workshop: Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions

MOC 40442A

Trukmė: 3 dienos
1 200 € (+ PVM 21%)

Apie mokymus:

This workshop is a chance for developers and IT Pros to come together and learn the architecture skills necessary to design solutions for Microsoft Azure.  The classroom experience for this workshop is high-level review of the pre-requisite materials students are expected to have completed in advance.  Then, students will assemble into groups to work on several real-world design case studies to design solutions for the Microsoft Azure platform.

Dėstytojas: Kiti

Mokymų temos:

1. Cloud Infrastructure and Development
2. Microsoft Azure Infrastructure and Networking
3. App Services Web Apps
4. Advanced Applications
5. Application Storage & Data Access
6. Securing Resources
7. Management, Monitoring Strategy
8. Business Continuity Strategy