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OS X Support Essentials


Trukmė: 3 dienos
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El Capitan 101 OS X Support Essentials 10.11 is a three-day course that gives you a tour of OS X El Capitan and covers the best ways to support OS X El Capitan users.

The course includes lectures and hands-on exercises that provide real-world experience.


Dėstytojas: Alex Forsyth



  • The OS X El Capitan troubleshooting process.
  • How to use OS X El Capitan tools and resources to troubleshoot OS X El Capitan.
  • OS X El Capitan features and functionality, including how to find more information about OS X El Capitan.
  • How to prepare for Apple Certified Support Professional (ACSP) 10.11 certificate.


Part 1: Installation and Configuration

  1. Install OS X El Capitan.
  2. Setup and Configuration.
  3. OS X Recovery.
  4. OS X Software Updates.

Part 2: User Accounts

  1. User Accounts.
  2. User Home Folders.
  3. System Security.
  4. Keychain Management.

Part 3: File Systems

  1. File Systems and Storage.
  2. FileVault.
  3. Permissions and Sharing.
  4. File System Troubleshooting.

Part 4: Data Management

  1. Hidden Items, Shortcuts, and File Archives.
  2. System Resources.
  3. Metadata and Spotlight.
  4. Time Machine.

Part 5: Applications and Processes

  1. Application Installation.
  2. Document Management.
  3. Application Management and Troubleshooting.

Part 6: Network Configuration

  1. Network Essentials.
  2. Advanced Network Configuration.
  3. Network Troubleshooting.

Part 7: Network Services

  1. Network Services.
  2. Host Sharing and Personal Firewall.

Part 8: System Management

  1. Peripherals and Drivers.
  2. Print and Scan.
  3. System Troubleshooting.