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Oracle Database 11g: New Features for Administrators DBA


Trukmė: 5 dienos
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Apie mokymus:

This five-day classroom course gives you the opportunity to learn about and practice with the new change management features and other key enhancements in Oracle Database 11g Release 1 and Release 2. Topics covered include the benefits and use of the new features in managing change, diagnosing and recovering from problems, ensuring high availability, improving scalability and performance, strengthening security, and several other areas of particular interest to database administrators. In addition, hands-on practice sessions help reinforce understanding of the new capabilities.

Mokymai skirti:

• PL/SQL Developer
• Database Administrators
• Data Warehouse Administrator
• Technical Consultant
• Sales Consultants
• Support Engineer

Dėstytojas: Gediminas Reimeris

Mokymų temos:

1. Oracle Grid Infrastructure
2. Installation and Upgrade Enhancements
3. Oracle Restart
4. ASM Enhancements
5. Storage Enhancements
6. Data Warehouse and Partitioning Enhancements
7. Oracle SecureFiles
8. Security and Networking Enhancements
9. SQL Performance Analyzer
10. SQL Plan Management
11. Database Replay
12. Automatic SQL Tuning
13. Intelligent Infrastructure Enhancements
14. Diagnosability Enhancements
15. SQL Monitoring
16. Performance Enhancements
17. Application Maintenance and Upgrade Enhancements
18. Backup and Recovery Enhancements
19. Flashback Technology, LogMiner, and Data Pump
20. Data Recovery Advisor