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Oracle Database 11g: SQL and PL/SQL New Features


Trukmė: 2 dienos
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Apie mokymus:

In this course students learn new features of SQL and PL/SQL in Oracle Database 11g. This course introduces you to the SQL Developer tool, using which you learn various enhancements in language functionality and triggers.

Students learn to practice the language usability enhancements and utilize the performance improvement features such as in lining and flashback, code trigger enhancements to achieve more control over the triggers. Enhancements to the dynamic SQL features are also discussed in this course. Students also learn about the reengineered LOB data type that offers advanced, next-generation functionality such as intelligent compression and transparent encryption. Additionally, students explore the data warehousing usability enhancements with the new SQL PIVOT and UNPIVOT operators.

Mokymai skirti:

• Data Warehouse Administrator
• Developer
• System Analysts
• Application Developers
• PL/SQL Developer

Dėstytojas: Gediminas Reimeris

Mokymų temos:

1. Implementing the Language Functionality Enhancements
2. Executing Dynamic SQL in PL/SQL with the 11g Enhancements
3. Utilizing the Performance Improvement Enhancements
4. Practicing the Language Usability Enhancements
5. Coding the Trigger Enhancements
6. Administering Secure-File LOBs
7. Using the Data Warehousing Usability Enhancements
8. Using the SQL Developer Enhancements